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I am glad that you are interested in reading about me and my blog.

This page is specially created for people like you who love Technology News and want to see who manages this blog.

Introduction to this Blog

Technology is a blog for Blogger guides, Make money online, Online marketing, SEO, Mobile Phone reviews, Technology Tips, and Marketing guides and is created with the aim of spreading knowledge

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My Introduction

OK, My Name is Tawcif, and I am a Blogger and students, and I love to write about Blogging, Marketing, Make Money Online and Technology. Blogging is my Hobby which I love to do in my spear time. Besides the online world, I like to study books and learn new things.

What are my Aims?

My main aim in blogging is not earning money although I want to earn money the main aim is helping others.
Money is the Product of your Hobby.
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