How to find all the photos saved on Windows 10

How to find all the photos saved on Windows 10

Have you ever transferred photos to your PC? And where have they forgotten what they saved? Or, have found some storage hard drives and do not want to manually search?

Then there is an easy way to get Windows to search all your photos on your computer.

How To Search All Your Photos Manually

Unfortunately, the photos can be in different parts of the PC. It depends on where the photos come from. Windows itself will save the image in your "Pictures" folder. Some sync services try to keep it. However, you can find photos that are transferred from items like DropBox, iCloud and OneDrive to their own folders.

Another good way is to search all your photos by searching on Windows.

File explorer has a simple and quick trick to search different types of documents. It's not hidden, but most people are not bothered.

Open the file explorer and navigate to the location you want to search. You can select the "This PC" entry in the file explorer's Navigation panel and search your entire PC.

You can also search specifically a hard drive or folder. Here, we are going to search our C: drive.

Then click the search box at the top right of the window. Doing this will display the "Search" tab above or by hiding. Switch to that tap, click on the "Kind" button and then select "Pictures" from the drop-down menu.

It is inserted into the following operator search box. If you like, you can type it yourself to get the same result.


As you can see, the results return everything from folders used by the system to the personal pictures within the folder and all its subfolders. The images in the search JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP formats are saved, the most common format used. If you get photos stored in other formats like RAW, you have to find them in another way.

The search run in my C: drive is back with 27, 494 photos.

You've found the picture you're looking for. You can right-click it. Then open the folder where you want to open the "Open File Location.

After you have identified all the photos saved on your computer, you can move them to more specific folders-such as Pictures or return them to the device's external storage where they will not be lost or they will not be forgotten again.

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